Main editors:

Laurent portrait 2Laurent Dousset - Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris-Marseille, France

KatieKatie Glaskin - The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

NickHarneyNicholas Harney - The University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada


Editor at Large:

Greg Acciaioli - The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Associate Editor:

Mitch portraitMitchell Low - The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia


Book Review Editor:

SeanMISean Martin-Iverson - The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia



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      • Volume 29: number 3 is a special issue on Hierarchy and Egalitarianism In Austronesia
      • Volume 29: number 2 includes reserch articles
      • Volume 29: number 1 is a special issue on Doing the City From the Margins: Critical Perspectives on Urban Marginality



      • Volume 28: number 4 is a special issue on The Politics of Order in Contemporary Papua New Guinea
      • Volume 28: number 3 includes research articles
      • Volume 28: number 2 is a special issue on Smoke and Anthropology
      • Volume 28: number 1 is a special issue on Moral Horizons of Land an Place



      • Volume 27: number 4 is a special sssue on Spirits of Uncertainty: Eventologies of Nature on China’s Frontiers
      • Volume 27: number 3 includes a special issue on German Missionaries and Australian Anthropology
      • Volume 27: number 2 includes research articles
      • Volume 27: number 1 is a special issue on Matter(s) of relations: Transformation and presence in Melanesian and Australian life-cycle rituals



      • Volume 26: number 4 includes research articles as well as a special forum on Environmental and Social Justice? The Ethics of the Anthropological Gaze.
      • Volume 26: number 3 is a special issue on Food Sovereignty and the Anthropology of Food, as well as featuring an Involving Anthropology section with a dialogue between Tim Ingold and Philippe Descola.
      • Volume 26: number 2 includes research articles
      • Volume 26: number 1 includes research articles



      • Volume 25: number 4 includes research articles
      • Volume 25: number 3 includes research articles


Older issues are not available as pre-copyediting versions. Please visit Taylor & Francis Online.





Anthropological Forum welcomes papers in anthropology and comparative sociology that present and discuss ethnographic material, or that engage with methodological and theoretical issues. The journal publishes both articles by accomplished scholars and articles from emerging junior scholars. In the latter case, the editors expect innovative discussions of ethnographic material.