This page lists all issues of Anthropological Forum for which the authors offer free downloads of pre-copyediting versions of their papers. To view all volumes and to view the published versions of the papers, please visit Taylor & Francis Online

What does this mean? Authors of scientific papers remain the owners of their papers until the journal copy-edits their contributions for publication. Many authors upload these pre-copyedited versions to their homepage or other websites for the public to download. Anthropological Forum has decided to offer authors the possibility to upload these versions on the journal's website.



      • Volume 29: number 3 is a special issue on Hierarchy and Egalitarianism In Austronesia
      • Volume 29: number 2 includes reserch articles
      • Volume 29: number 1 is a special issue on Doing the City From the Margins: Critical Perspectives on Urban Marginality



      • Volume 28: number 4 is a special issue on The Politics of Order in Contemporary Papua New Guinea
      • Volume 28: number 3 includes research articles
      • Volume 28: number 2 is a special issue on Smoke and Anthropology
      • Volume 28: number 1 is a special issue on Moral Horizons of Land an Place



      • Volume 27: number 4 is a special sssue on Spirits of Uncertainty: Eventologies of Nature on China’s Frontiers
      • Volume 27: number 3 includes a special issue on German Missionaries and Australian Anthropology
      • Volume 27: number 2 includes research articles
      • Volume 27: number 1 is a special issue on Matter(s) of relations: Transformation and presence in Melanesian and Australian life-cycle rituals



      • Volume 26: number 4 includes research articles as well as a special forum on Environmental and Social Justice? The Ethics of the Anthropological Gaze.
      • Volume 26: number 3 is a special issue on Food Sovereignty and the Anthropology of Food, as well as featuring an Involving Anthropology section with a dialogue between Tim Ingold and Philippe Descola.
      • Volume 26: number 2 includes research articles
      • Volume 26: number 1 includes research articles



      • Volume 25: number 4 includes research articles
      • Volume 25: number 3 includes research articles


Older issues are not available as pre-copyediting versions. Please visit Taylor & Francis Online.