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  • Nicholas Smith: Murtuka Yirraru: Automobility in Pilbara Song-Poems
  • Victoria Burbank, Kate Senior & Sue McMullen: Precocious Pregnancy, Sexual Conflict, and Early Childbearing in Remote Aboriginal Australia
  • Robert K. Hitchcock: Authenticity, Identity, and Humanity: The Hai‖om San and the State of Namibia
  • Maria Sapignoli: Dispossession in the Age of Humanity: Human Rights, Citizenship, and Indigeneity in the Central Kalahari


See/download the final papers at Taylor & Francis Online (subscription required)
See/download the pre-publication open access versions below.


  • Annet P. Pauwelussen: The Moves of a Bajau Middlewoman: Understanding the Disparity between Trade Networks and Marine Conservation
  • Alicia Torres: Migration and Development: Equalisation and Inequalities in Ecuador’s Southern Sierra
  • Rosita Henry: Double Displacement: Indigenous Australians and Artefacts of the Wet Tropics
  • Fiona McCormack: Mauss, Interestedness, and Disinterestedness: Hawaiian and Maori Fisheries
  • Pierre-Yves Le Meur: Anthropology and the Mining Arena in New Caledonia: Issues and Positionalities